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The Real Estate Browser is The Answer to all of your advertising needs. First is our beautiful full sized glossy magazine that your clients will want their homes showcased. It is available free in over 250 highly visible public locations throughout the area including all major grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, other businesses and over 50 outdoor distribution racks..

Then there is our cutting edge Digital Edition which is available through our website, shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, emailed to a growing subscriber list and can be directly emailed to buyers anywhere. Our Digital Edition also includes many additional marketing features such Daily New Listings, Daily Just Reduced, Weekly Open House and YOUR TOTAL LISTING INVENTORY by price and color coded by area. All with free slide shows and video tours of your Listing Inventory....all meant to extend the reach and broaden the appeal of your basic advertising.

And last, but perhaps most importantly... is our Website that includes your own personal webpage with your total listing inventory. When you advertise in The Browser  we can download your entire listing inventory from LAR's MLS (subject to some limitations) to our website. We then will push all of your listings to some of the leading National Real Estate websites including USAhomesearch, Yahoo, Landwatch and The Wall Street Journal... Free of Charge.

Thus... The Real Estate Browser offers you the only TOTAL MARKETING PACKAGE, Highest Quality Print Magazine, cutting edge Digital Edition -, and the most effective Website -, that covers every element necessary to successfully market your listings in today's fast paced world.



Magazine Specification

Published every 4 weeks

8.38" x 10.88" finished size
Cover & Interior pages: 70 pound -  #3 glossy paper
4 color process throughout

All submitted Listing Photo's - 300 DPI 
Front Cover Photo's - 600 DPI

Please limit number of words in Ad copy
Include MLS Number and Listing ID




Advertising Deadlines

Advertisers will receive ONE proof, and will have 24 hours to view and make corrections/changes.  Corrections/changes are limited to typographical errors, price changes, and banners such as sold, under contract, reduced, etc.

Any proof not responded to will print with no error credit.

Advertising Contact Information


Sheila Stepp

Sheila: (434)260-2837

P.O. Box 5292 
Florence, SC 29502


For information on having 

in your Market Area Contact:

The Browser

Sheila Stepp