Easy Ways to Go Green and Save Money

With the rising cost of energy, homeowners and renters are feeling the heat. You may have noticed your utility bills creeping up, and the environmental concerns that arise from excess energy consumption are hard to ignore. If you are looking to lower your monthly energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, consider the following simple and often inexpensive ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency.


Easy Ways to GoGreen and Save Money

Conduct a home energy audit
The first step toward achieving a more energy efficient home is to conduct a home energy audit, which determines the amount of energy your home consumes and the areas that need improvements. Once problem areas are discovered and corrected, you will save a considerable amount of money over time. You can conduct a home audit yourself or have your REALTOR® recommend a professional to perform a more thorough audit. Use the information below to determine which method works best for you.

Walk through your home and look for common causes of energy inefficiency: air leaks, poor insulation, out-dated heating and cooling units and incandescent light bulbs. Keep a check list of areas you have inspected in each room, as well as any problems you have found. Later, use the checklist to prioritize energy efficient upgrades that fit your budget. For a detailed description of how you can conduct your own home energy audit, click here.

You can also identify opportunities to save on your energy bill by taking an online Home Energy Analysis, which helps identify how you use energy in your home and how your energy use compares to others in your area. In addition, Energy Savings Calculators can help you approximate savings for introducing energy efficienct improvements and appliances into your home.

Hire a Professional
Professional audits are quite thorough and involve reviewing past utility bills and conducting an analysis of every room in your home. U.S. Department of Energy offers advice to consumers on preparing for a professional energy audit and selecting professional energy auditing services.

Upgrade and go green
After auditing your home’s energy efficiency, it is time to make the suggested improvements. Even without a formal energy audit, you can improve your home’s efficiency and save money by taking these simple steps

Lighting & Appliances

.Heating & Cooling

Sealing & Insulation